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TaliaFruitPoolHi and welcome to my website – CookingWithTalia.com!

My name is Talia and I am 10.5 years old and live in Tauranga, New Zealand with my mum, brother and our dog Zahna.

I am so excited to have this chance to share with other kids what I think about food, what I like and what I don’t and hopefully, film some video’s of me making some yummy stuff for you all to try!

Us kids, we usually like sweet stuff, I love baking biscuits & cakes .. and dessert, I LOVE dessert! But we all know that we can’t always eat just sweet stuff so I want to re-create some of my favourite dinners to show you that eating healthy can also be yummy. Things like mince and pasta … chicken chowder … home-made fish and chips and pizza …

TaliaFoodI think that eating at home is just as yummy as eating out and you know it hasn’t gone through weird processes to be cooked!

So, if you’re a kid (you can be a big kid too – like my mum!), I hope you follow my cooking journey and try out some of my creations!

Eat nice with sugar & spice!!!

Talia is a protégé of web chef, Kimberly Edwards, of CookingWithKimberly.com.

* CookingWithTalia.com is a subsidiary of CookingWithKimberly.com

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  1. hi talia great website love it and its defenitly good for my cooking
    from Ben barett

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