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Hi from Talia – Off to the Night Glow!

Hi, Guys!

I’m really excited about tonight because I’m going to the Night Glow, and it’s my first time ever!

The night glow is basically when heaps of hot air balloons go up into the sky and people light them all up in one go.

The only problem is I’m bored of waiting until its ten past three. which is when we’re going to Hamilton, New Zealand. So, I asked mum, “Mum, can I please go on to Cooking with Talia?” and to my delight she said yes.

So, I went on and had a look at a few blurbs & videos, and then asked my mum, “Can I write a blog post?” Once again, to my delight, the second time in a row the answer was yes!

With a bounce in my step, I started writing this at once. Hope everyone’s having a great day.

Eat Nice with Sugar & Spice!

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