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My Message to Web Chef, Kimberly Turner, from CookingWithKimberly.com

Talia Finishing her Plate - CookingWithTalia.comI was watching one of Kimberly’s cooking video’s one day when she said, “the sky is the limit” with cooking and what you could do with recipes.

I remember stopping and saying to mum, “Kimberly’s right mum, the sky IS the limit” and my middle name is Skye so that made me think – “WOW … the only thing I am limited against is me”.

I found her really inspiring.  Mum said I should make a video of what I thought and send it to Kimberly, so I did!

I’ve been watching Kimberly’s cooking shows for about a year now and I really like the way she makes cooking exciting.  Well she does for me anyway!

I think lots more now about what I might be able to use to create extra yummy food.


I hope you enjoy my Food Philosophy on Cooking with Talia. Until next time…

Eat Nice with Sugar & Spice

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