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The Truth About Sugar

Today, I want to talk about sugar because this term,  my school is learning about all things sugar and some of the results are just crazy!

sugarsFor example, the drink L&P (Lemon & Paeroa – a New Zealand soft drink) has more sugar in it than Coca-Cola.

Before researching about sugar levels in certain drinks, I thought that Just Juice would have had one of the lowest amounts of sugar, but it turns out that Just Juice isn’t far behind Coke! Crazy isn’t it?!

One of the scariest facts I found out was that in America, every 18 minutes, 4 people die from obesity. In our house, all of us have a sweet tooth, but even though mum, my brother and I LOVE sugary sweets, we make a constant effort to control ourselves.

honeyMum recently bought Dr. Libby’s  Sweet Food Story cookbook. We also use things instead of sugar like honey, maple syrup and other things that give the sweetness sugar gives, but not the ill effects.

I guess the point is, we are all constantly learning new things, and being aware of what we put into our bodies is great, yet also important.

Eat Nice with not too much Sugar & Spice!

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